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Meet all your face and body art needs for your event in Rochester, NY.
With Marsh Body Art, we have a large repertoire of face and body art designs that can be modified to suit your needs—spending extra time on the perfect, fantastic face for the birthday boy or girl, or painting quick and gorgeous for the high-volume event.

You can be transformed into almost anything—from a Wild Tiger to a Fairy Princess or even a Fierce Warrior.

Whatever your entertainment needs may be, Marsh Body Art will make your event more fun, fulfilling and memorable!

Marsh Body Art brings a high level of artistry, entertainment, and professionalism to any event she entertains at.
Events included, but not limited to:

~ Parties
~ Picnics
~ Corporate events and Promotions
~ School events
~ Fund raisers
~ Wedding receptions
~ Baby showers
~ Night clubs (I use UV paints for night/black light events)
~ Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
~ Christmas and New Years Eve Parties
~ Grand Openings
~ Prom Parties
~ Festivals
~ Shopping Center or Supermarket events
~ Children’s Events
~ Dance and Stage-side Productions
~ Mardi Gras
~ Reunions
~ Birthdays
~ Wedding showers
~ Mobile table-side entertainment at dinners & balls
~ Oktoberfests
~ …and more!

Also, we are available for private sessions. We have painted individuals for theater, sports games, masquerades and more.

Styles of Face Painting & Equipment

We use only the highest quality, professional water-based products, but there is a
very small chance that they could irritate sensitive skin. If a child has sensitive skin, or allergies, please inform us before they get painted or decorated. We may be able to paint on a less sensitive area on another part of their body.

A clean sponge is used for each face, and all are machine washed between bookings. Brushes are cleaned with professional soap between events.
Please arrange a space for us with good lighting, and do not allow guests to touch our equipment. Sometimes I allow children to touch some things, but only when they ask and I am watching them. People have also asked me to practice a bit and, if there is time, I will let them borrow a brush and some paint, but this is only if there is time and to my discretion.

Removal instructions for Paint

Remove face paint with a washcloth and mild soap or cleansing lotion. Some paints may leave a slight stain – if so, put lotion on, let sit for a few minutes and wash again. Paint will not survive a bath or shower. You may get away with it lasting overnight if you don’t get it wet. Some people have managed to keep the paint on okay, but this is really up to you – I don’t recommend leaving anything on your face overnight. Most paints wash off of clothing. We are careful to not make a mess, but are not responsible for damage to clothes or property.

What is a Glittering Body Shimmer or Glitter Tattoo?

A Glittering Body Shimmer is a temporary tattoo that lasts about 5 days. Some people have told me that theirs has lasted for two weeks! We will clean the area with an alcohol swab first. This takes off oils and dirt and allows the tattoo to adhere better. We will then paint on a design with a surgical adhesive. This is an adhesive that gets used during surgeries, so it has a very low allergenic response and is very safe for the skin. When this adhesive dries, we will sprinkle on the sparkle. If we are going to do glitter tattoos at an indoor party, we recommend that you have us set up on a smooth floor that you can wipe clean, or that you put down a floor covering over the area where we will be glittering. Glitter inevitably falls to the ground during this process. We can also bring our own floor covering if you desire.

Removal instructions for Glitter Tattoos

Remove Glittering Body Shimmers with regular rubbing alcohol or sometimes you can simply rub and roll them off.

Instructions to make Glitter Tattoos last longer.

Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your glitter tattoo. Only use a very mild soap that doesn’t contain alcohol and use only slight pressure when washing the area.

Removal instructions for Henna

You can’t remove henna! You have to wait for it to fade away which could take up to two weeks. If you want it to fade away faster – get it wet and wash that area a lot.

Instructions on getting henna to stain the best and last longer

We will decorate you with henna paste. The longer this paste stays on you, the better it will stain. You can keep the paste on up to 16 hours. When you sleep at night, cover the area with something that will allow your skin to breathe, but will also keep the paste from flaking off into your bed – you don’t want the area to get sweaty – I use cotton balls gently placed over the design with some masking or surgical tape. When you are ready to remove the paste, use lemon juice, not water. Avoid getting the area wet, and this will help your stain to last longer. Simply put: water makes henna fade faster. I know it is impossible to keep your hand completely out of the water, but getting it wet less will help it last.


Make your event amazing and memorable; we are ideal for:
– Promotions & product launches and mobile table-side entertainment at dinners & balls
– We can keep kids occupied, ensuring parents stay longer
– Company logos can be incorporated into designs.

Contact us to discuss ideas for your event.

At any occasion involving kids, (or the young-at-heart) a face painter and glitter tattooist is essential entertainment. Decorate guests to suit your theme, or let everyone feel special on your special day, by choosing their own designs.
For evening receptions and balls, we specialize in ‘beautiful nothings’ for adult guests, to complement outfits, and can walk around as a mobile table-side painter.

More about what we offer:
– Full or part face painting
– body art and painting
– Glitter body shimmers.
– We only use professional quality, FDA Approved water-based products
– We follow strict safety and hygiene codes of practice.

Please book early to ensure you have beautiful face and body art at your event in Rochester, NY.

For further Information see Terms & Conditions and FAQ

Prices & Payment

Face Art, Glitter Body Shimmers and Henna Tattoos:

Rates are $145/hour for the first four hours.

Depending on a few factors, you may be eligible for a discount of $125/hour.
There is a one and a half hour minimum booking required. After four hours, the rate goes down to $125/hour (or $110/hour if you are receiving a discount).

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to lock in your time. This deposit IS refundable IF we are unable to entertain at your event due to illness and are unable to find a suitable replacement or if there is a natural disaster.

If you choose not to make a deposit and we receive a call from someone else requesting me to work their event during the time you requested, we will book their event and immediately let you know that we will no longer be able to entertain at your event.
Body Painting: Rates start at $145/hour + a one time consulting fee of $50 to meet and discuss the painting with your model/s. There is a three hour minimum booking required.
What are your Payment Policies?

The 50% deposit can be paid to me via credit card through PayPal using the email address [email protected]
If you need help paying through Paypal, we can assist you. You can also mail me a check.

Payment is due in full in cash or check before, or upon our arrival at your event. Make checks out to: Christine Marsh.

When calling for more information, be sure to include the following information:

– The date, location, time, and length of your event
– Expected numbers (ex. 23 children, 38 adults; 3000 members of the public)
– The age group (ex. 12th birthday party; adult afternoon/evening reception)
– Any theme or special requests
– If you require face painting and/or glitter temporary tattoos/ body painting
– Your name & contact details
– For further Information see Terms & Conditions

Thank You! We look forward to creating magnificent experiemces at your event!

We do face painting in Rochester, NY.

We do body art in Rochester, NY.